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Alexis - Alexandrite Ring (Pre-order)

$79.90 SGD
Alexis - Alexandrite Ring (Pre-order)

Only for pre-orders:
Your ring will arrive anytime in between 1-3 weeks based on the workshop’s ability to complete them. Only purchase if you are willing to wait (it is worth the wait, we promise!)

Alexandrite crystal is known for its colour changing properties which includes gorgeous shades of purple / blue / teal. This natural beauty is known to bring luck, good fortune and love to the wearer.

Naturally mined Alexandrite can cost 15k per carat. Fortunately, these Alexandrite are lab-grown under the same conditions which forms equally great Alexandrite!

This gorgeous Alexandrite ring is accompanied by a S925 Sterling Silver band.

Available band colours:
- Silver
- Rose Gold

As these are made from natural crystals, each ring is unique. While everything else will look identical to the stock photo, there will be variations between the stones!