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FAQ & Information

When you purchase a handmade crystal bracelet from us ...

  • Take note that all crystals are naturally formed so no two crystals are identical. 
  • We will try to replicate the stock photo as closely as possible but as with all things created by mother nature, do only purchase from us if you can accept her unique and perfect imperfections!

Why are natural crystals imperfect?

  • Perfect crystals do not exist. All crystals are distorted to an extend because they contain a mixture of dislocations and point defects - which is part and parcel when you purchase crystals! 
  • We only accept exchanges in the event where the bracelet is damaged in transit. Exchanges due to minor imperfections of crystals will only be considered!

What if I got my sizing wrong?

  • Use a measuring tape and measure around your wrist to find out your wrist size.
  • If you prefer a snug fit, purchase your wrist size. For a looser fit, get 1 size up!
  • We accept restringing for a base charge of $7.8 excluding shipping fees
  • For restringing to larger sizes (16cm>) there will be an extra charge of $4 as per our regular pricing 

Shipping Information

  • For local orders, we ship via Ninjavan from Thursday to Sunday afternoon
  • International orders please contact us on Instagram message! We usually take slightly longer to process international orders & do note that shipping will take longer than usual due to Covid-19